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Welcome to my carrd! Here you can find commission info, art examples, contact information, and social media links! If you are looking for something specific not listed here (like reference sheets, for example), or have any questions, don't be afraid to contact me!

Please read the above before commissioning me.My social media tabs are at the bottom of the page. For inquiries, DM me on any of those platforms or on discord at hawkthespork#2383

Chibis $10-13*

Small, low-effort fullbodies with rounder shapes; often less proportionate. Cannot be shaded.
Sketch: $10, +$5 for extra charas
Lined: $13, +$6 for extra charas
*prices are subject to change if more complex

Busts $17-20*

Features the character from the shoulders up. Can be shaded.
Sketch: $17, +$6 for extra charas
Lined: $20, +$9 for extra charas
Shading can be added for +$5.
*prices are subject to change if more complex; can request flowers, etc.

Fullbodies $22-25*

The whole body of a character. More developed than chibis with a higher level of care. Can be shaded.
Sketch: $22, +$10 for extra charas
Lined: $25, +$12 for extra charas
Shading can be added for +$8.
*prices are subject to change if more complex. inquire about backgrounds to get a quote.

if you're interested in commissioning me, dm me on any platform and put the form in the messagecommission type: [what type of commission would you like?]
character: [what character would you like drawn? reference preferred but not required]
character species: [what species is the character?]
details: [what pose would you like? any specific expression? etc.]
best way to contact you? [deviantart, discord, twitter etc.]
extra: [is there anything else that you would like to mention regarding your commission that you think I should know?]
updates? [y/n]

Last Updated: 30 August 2021By commissioning me, you are agreeing to these terms. When/if I accept your commission, I am always assuming that you have read and agreed to these terms. Breaking them will almost always resort in being unable to commission me again in the future.Before the terms begin, let me state that I may decline any commission I don't feel comfortable with. If you're curious why feel free to ask; if you're wondering what is and what's not okay to request either take a look at my what I will/won't draw lists, or just ask!1. At least half the payment is a necessary requirement before I start the drawing. If this is the case, when I’ve finished, I’ll send you the finished product with a watermark/with lower quality, and won’t send you the proper file until the rest of the price is paid. Only PayPal/Venmo/Ko-fi is accepted!2. A proper reference is not required! It’s appreciated, however; otherwise I can’t always guarantee a perfect result. But I’m fine working off of real life pictures or descriptions.3. Please do not rush me! I am a full-time college student with a part-time job. I enjoy art immensely, but can’t always find time for it in my normal schedule. I will make sure to update you with my availability and send you several WIPs if requested, though. Please be patient with me! I try my best to make commissions a priority, but there are other things that take precedent as well.4. Please do not beg me for lower prices! I am happy to work with you if need be, but my prices are already low compared to other comparable artists.5. If you repost or share your commission, you must do so with credit. This shouldn’t need more of an explanation-- if you repost the commission I’ve done for you, I expect you to credit me. This should be the case with sharing any artist’s work, and is the case here.6. I will NEVER draw numbers 1-5 on my “won’t draw” list. While the last two could be subject to change, the first five make me extremely uncomfortable, and I will never make this exception for anyone. Don’t even ask. The answer will be no.What I WILL Draw
1. Most animals
2. Quadruped open/closed species
3. Fanart / ship art
4. blood/gore depending on how graphic
5. LGBT+ related content
6. Pokemon (usually most comfortable with quadrupeds)
What I WILL NOT Draw (non negotiable)
2. By extension, sexually suggestive themes
3. P/dophilia
4. Incest
5. Anything bigoted, homophobic, racist, transphobic, etc.
6. Anything political
7. Humans/anthros (I’m not comfortable drawing them just yet)
- These lists are subject to change and there could be themes I will/won’t draw that aren’t stated explicitly here.
These terms and conditions are subject to change. You will only be held responsible for the version you read when commissioning.

other examples

Other examples

Other examples